Baptism at springfield faith center

Baptism is a time to publicly declare what God is already doing in your heart. It's a powerful statement of faith to our community of believers who have made the same decision as you. When we are baptised, we are agreeing with God that He is changing us. God is calling us into relationship. Baptism recognizes that relationship through the physical act of our response and the spiritual shift that takes place within us.

Baptism Procedure

We are so excited to join you as you share this step of your faith journey with us. We have an easy process to get you started. We normally baptize every 2nd Sunday of the month but are flexible to work with your schedule.

Step 1: Complete the online application

Step 2: Someone from the church office will contact you to schedule your baptism and connect you with the person who will be baptizing you.

Step 3: Meet our baptism team: You will be paired with someone from our team, have the opportunity to meet them, share your story, and further discuss baptism.

Step 4: Get baptized. Baptisms are celebrated during our weekend gatherings where your story will be shared with our community.

Baptism application

Please read:
Baptism Booklet

Click to fill out our baptism application. Someone will contact you soon to confirm your date and time.