Bo Brady – Contractions

  1. Can you share some time in your life when you experienced some "contractions" that God has changed your perspective of them?  How did you feel at the time?  What do you see now of God's grace as you look back on them?
  2. Can you share an area in your life right now that you are experiencing some "contractions"?  How does it help you knowing:
    1. Suffering is temporary
    2. Suffering isn't punishment
    3. Suffering always produces
  3. How can we partner with you in prayer and support for you as you navigate this season in your life
  4. How can we help the world around us to deal with the "contraction" we are experiencing right now?  Name a person that God is laying on your heart that is going through a difficult time and commit to pray for them this week and possibly reach out to them.