Day 1: Jesus transforms relationships

Project 1—Time Spent

Couples: Give each other 30 minutes of time to do something the other person wants to do. Maybe it’s time together or time alone but make it happen for each other.

Friends: What is a way you can serve your friend today? Ask them some way you can meet a small need in your friend’s day.



Married Couples: Connect with one other couple to share your victories with and to keep each other focused. Feel free to switch the projects and make this work for you. We suggest sitting down with your spouse and planning out your projects together.


Friends: Find a friend (or a group of friends) to share this activity with. We suggest connecting with another set of friends or a couple to share your victories with and keep each other focused. Choose which one of you will go first for the projects where just one of you has an activity (Project 2, Project 4, etc.…) and alternate who takes the lead for the individual projects.


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