Our Mission

TO KIDS not only communicate that God loves them and wants relationship with them, but communicate in way they can hear at each phase of their life.

TO PARENTS provide resources for interactions and conversation at home that fosters authentic faith.

TO LEADERS train and support in a way that develops leadership skills, allowing leaders to invest regularly and show up in the lives of kids

9 a.m.

This service is designed so that kids participate with parents in worship.

ELEMENTARY After checking in with our secure system, kids sit with you in the sanctuary during the worship time and are then escorted into our family room for a lesson. After the lesson, kids participate in a range of activities designed to engage their imagination and reinforce the lesson using large motor and problem-solving skills.

PRESCHOOL Combined nursery through preschool child care is offered with the goal of embracing the physical needs of small children so that their first introduction to God’s family is positive.

11 a.m.

This service is designed to maximize relationships in a small group environment. Kids are checked in with our secure system and begin directly in small groups.

ELEMENTARY After a small group activity, K through 5th graders come together for worship and a lesson before continuing lesson-reinforcing activities designed to engage their imaginations with their small group.

PRESCHOOL Nursery is available this service, along with separate classes for 2-year-olds and 3- to 4-year-olds. These classes are lovingly designed to fit the activity level and developmental phases of each age group.

First Visit

We take the security of your child very seriously. We use a computerized check-in system to ensure that your child is being picked up by you. During your visit we will ask for some basic information from you. We suggest you to come a little early so we can get you in our system.
Thank you!

“Every kids is made in the
image of God
to love God with all their
heart, soul, & strength,
and trust Jesus for a better future.


Just like kids are uniquely built to have different needs and interests at every phase of their life, we believe the ways that they can understand who God is are different at every phase. We use a curriculum designed to engage imaginations and position kids to understand how much God loves them and how they are built to know him.

Our Staff

Shayna Minder

Children’s Ministry Director