Membership at Springfield Faith Center

Everyone is welcome at our church and we love to see new people become members of Springfield Faith Center. Why become a member? We're glad you asked!

Our Members Reflect Who We Are

Springfield Faith Center is an organic community of believers and faith followers belonging to a larger community called the church. The bibles calls us "a body." We are united together in loving God and our community. Your membership is a reflection of these values.

The Bible Teaches Covenant Community

Scripture gives an example of people being "put out of the body" in a local church in a city called Corinth. From this we understand that relationship with your local church is something that can be removed and shows that membership existed in the early church.

To Apply for Membership

Please read:
Foursquare Articles of Faith
Foursquare Bylaws

Click to Apply for Membership. After Applying Church Staff will contact you for a follow up chat.

You Need Us & We Need You

Membership matters because we need to be connected to each other. This is not just for the sake of the faith community, but also for the sake of the individual.

We were made with the intrinsic need for relationship, both with God and others. We are the redeemed! We’re placed in the body. We have come out of the kingdom of darkness and isolation into a kingdom of God and us. The Kingdom of Us is a community where we function with God as his people.

Privileges of Membership

  1. Church membership offers a member the right of voting at both the local church and international levels. Voting privileges are offered to those 18 years of age and older.
    1. The local church membership meetings allow the membership to elect church council members.
    2. At international convention, the local church membership has the benefit of representation. In addition to their pastors, churches may send one voting delegate for every 50 people in the church; these delegates may vote on any business matter conducted by the convention body.
  2. Church members may suggest, for the consideration of the council and pastor, ideas for advancement of the gospel in the community and denomination as a whole.


  1. Partnering with the Lord in the numerical and spiritual growth of the church.
  2. The material needs of the church.
  3. The spiritual welfare of one another, a ministry that is shared by all.
  4. The spiritual and material support of their pastor.
  5. The behavior and conduct in the local body.
  6. The mission of the church at home and abroad