Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Our story begins with eight moms, in the town of Wheat Ridge, Colorado in 1973. A sisterhood of moms was born, MOPS. Mothers of PreSchoolers, coming together for encouragement, fellowship, to serve each other and share moments of creative inspiration. Since becoming a worldwide organization, MOPS has taken root in Springfield, Oregon and continues today at Springfield Faith Center.

Raising tiny humans is exhausting, wonderful, challenging and beautiful. Moms gathering together creates a sense of community and family that is unlike any other. As our kids grow from birth through pre-school, cultivating relationships and adult conversation provides support and encouragement in a very real way. Realizing that other moms share similar emotions and struggles, creates a unique connection. MOPS focuses on creating a safe space for laughter, emotional release and embracing the journey of being a mom.

After a crazy morning of chasing kids, making breakfast, packing lunches and school runs, every mom deserves a break herself. Upon arrival, kids are dropped off at their respective classes after utilizing our simple check in system. Our MOPS Kids helpers take the care and safety of all children very seriously so moms can feel at ease. Moms are encouraged to grab a cup of coffee and a plate of brunch to either have a quiet moment on her own or share in discussion and prayer with her new found friends. Valuable take away teachings and lessons prepare our group for this season of life. Our moms can also take joy that a project/craft is begun and will come to completion, giving a sense of accomplishment and creative outlet.

MOPS invites and celebrates each mother, regardless of her religion, ethnicity, the choices she makes for her family today, and what her past has brought her through. A major goal for MOPS is to equip women with the tools she needs to become all that God has designed her to be, with the opportunity of mentoring and leadership.

This is motherhood.

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