Galatians 5:22-23: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law” (NIV)

God & Me


For the first 21 days of 2018 let's focus on our relationship with God. We will be joining our foursquare family as we Pray & Fast.

Foursquare’s theme for 2018 is “Transformed by Jesus.” Throughout Scripture, we see the Spirit in every facet of God’s plan: from creation, to the cross, to the resurrection, to the birth of the church, and to advancing God’s mission. While we anticipate the day when all of creation will one day be restored, we are being renewed and transformed daily. This “present moment” transforming power in us will be used by God to transform others and the world around us, and advancing God’s mission is our target and goal for 2018.

Starting February 5th we will be going through a book we selected that focuses on our relationship with our spouse. Happy Habits for Every Couple is an easy read that will give some simple yet practical ways to focus on each other. 

Roger and Kathi Lipp teamed up to help you get your marriage back on track. From roommates to lovers, from acquaintances to best friends, this 21 day tuneup will give your relationship the boost it needs to bring you closer together.

Here are just a few of the results you’ll see:

  • New levels of warmth and tenderness in your relationship
  • A deeper sense of security with your spouse
  • A marriage filled with fun and flirting
  • Practical, fun-filled ways to put love and laughter back into your marriage.

God & Us


To participate in this activity:

  1. Purchase the book today from or from Amazon.
  2. Read the book and start planning your projects
  3. Find another couple or two to keep you accountable.  

God & The World


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