City Youth is the middle school and high school youth ministry at Springfield Faith Center. Though we share the same name and mission, and love to find things to do together, the high school and middle school ministries meet separately.

City Youth High School

We have youth group every Sunday evening at 6:30. During this time we worship, play games, receive a relevant teaching, and discuss how to apply that message to our context.

City Youth Middle School

Every Sunday morning during second service our middle school director prepares fun activities and a faith affirming talk for our students.

Every Wednesday evening at 6:30 our middle school students and leaders cook, eat, and clean together, all while our leaders facilitate intentional conversations that provoke the students to draw closer to God.

What We’re All About
The youth ministry at Springfield Faith Center is dedicated to the simple, yet world-changing mission to love God and love people. At City Youth we prioritize recognizing Gods unconditional love for us, we discover how to love and serve God and people, we spend time together, we have fun together, and we pass on what we’ve learned.